Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Crazy Love Time!!

Sweet Linny, from is hosting another Crazy Love party. You can read all about it here

Today is a day of fasting and prayer for the orphan. In particular, many are praying and fasting for James and Cheremi and their two children that have literally been stuck in Uganda for months and months and months. Way too long. They need to be home with their daddy and mommy. They need to be released from the prison they are in, they need to be released from the loneliness of not having a family.


My hubby and I have started our journey, To Ethiopia For Eli. We were recently blessed with and unexpected refund and on Friday, we should have the $1500 we need to start our homestudy! God is so very good. It seemed it would take us a few paydays to save up the money we needed to get started, we were thinking it would be the end of October, then out of the blue my hubby received a call telling him about the refund we are getting.


We have many, many more dollars to gather to pay for this adoption. When I crunch the numbers, it is mind boggling. Where is it going to come from? How are we going to raise that kind of money? We can't do it alone. But God can, thru the body of Christ. With all of us pulling together, helping each other with our fundraising goals, praying for each other, we can help get many of God's precious little peeps home to their forever families.

My husband recently won a 2010 Harley Davidson Night Rod. We have placed it up for sale on Cra*gslist. It has been for sale now for almost a month with only two nibbles. Will you join us in prayer that the Lord send us the right buyer for this motorcycle? Once it sells, it will truly be a blessing in getting our little guy [or two] home.

We have a Chip In button at the top of our page, if God is leading you, we would appreciate any donations towards our adoption costs.

In the next couple of days I'll be posting about our first give away. Please check back often, my sister and brother~in~love are heading up the fundraising portion of our adoption and they have many fantastic ideas. They truly are a blessing to me and our adoption. It is such a blessing to have their help planning, organizing, and making the fundraisers happen. Right now they are gathering donations for a huge rummage sale we'll be having the last weekend in September.

I'm really excited to see God work in our lives and our adoption journey.

Resting In Jesus,



  1. Came over from A Place Called Simplicity. I am fasting & praying for you today.

  2. I fixed the link for you sweet friend!! And I am praying and fasting with you...Eli needs to come home - God is faithful!! xo

  3. Wuh hoo! Can't wait to see what God does to bring the baby(ies) home. :)

  4. fasting and praying for you today - Eph 3:20 God you are able to do imaginable more and we trust that you will provide for this faithful family! Blow them away with you mighty power and let your glory shine with blinding presence on them.

  5. Upholding you in prayer as you follow God's leading throughout your adoption.

  6. Fasting and praying for you today as you continue with your adoption journey!

  7. Blessings to you and best wishes on the adoption. You just followed me from Blog Frog and asked if I were in TN. I am in the Knoxville area. I've signed up as a follower and look forward to reading more. Thanks for the comment!

  8. standing in the gap with you tonight!

    In Christ,
    janet and gang

  9. Over from Linny's blog..fasting and praying with you today. Special prayers that the delay in selling the motorcycle is His plan to lead someone else there who pays BIG money for it!!! :) God bless, Jennifer

  10. Standing in the gap for you today through fasting and prayer!

  11. Thank you for sharing about your prayer request, I've just prayed to our Father, asking Him to bless you and your family with His provision for your needs daily, that you may have joy and awareness of His faithfulness as you seek and search Him out, and for the holy Spirit to move on our brethren's hearts to give as He leads. :)