Monday, December 10, 2012


Check out these cool bracelets a young woman, Emma, is selling to help send her to Uganda to work with the orphans.  Em is heading out into the mission field.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are you an Orphan addict?

Are you Addicted to Adoption or the Orphan?

Or know someone who is?

Then this Bracelet is perfect!

I prayed for a long time about something that would help to send me
and support me as I move...
and one day

"Orphan Addict"

bracelets were born.

You can purchase one of these sweet bracelets on my donate page for $7.00
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Not only will you receive a super cool bracelet, but you will also help send me to Uganda

and an added bonus - when you look at your wrist,
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It's a win/win for both of us!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


this one too IS our problem!
(written by No Greater Joy Mom)

She's the face of desperation.

"I was hungry and you fed me."

Of injustice.

"I was thirsty and you gave me a drink."

Of horrendous, unfathomable neglect.

"I was homeless and you gave me a room."

And incomprehensible suffering.

"I was shivering and you gave me clothes."

She's another precious child of God so urgently needing to be rescued from her life of hell on earth.

This is Zoey.

A daughter of the Most High King! A darling little angel created in the image of a Father in heaven who never makes mistakes.

A priceless and most valuable TREASURE just waiting to be found.

Zoey is almost SIX years old!

And weighs a mere 10 POUNDS!

She is merely existing in the confines of her crib. She is fed by tube--which clearly is just not enough. Zoey NEEDS a family to rescue her. She needs medical attention and someone to love her passionately and help her to become all that she can be in this life. She needs parents who will become her biggest cheerleaders and advocates.

Zoey needs to be loved. Unconditionally. For who she is--fearfully and wonderfully made!

There are just a few weeks to find a family for this beautiful little girl. The thought of her not being chosen--and being left there to die--is honestly more than my heart can bear. Just like my sweet Hasya (and every other child on the planet!), this one too deserves to be given a chance at LIFE.

Proverbs 24:12 tells us that "Once our eyes are opened we cannot pretend we do not know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows we know and holds us responsible to act."

God holds us all responsible to act!

In his incredible book (that totally turned my life upside down), The Hole in Our Gospel, Richard Sterns so accurately said of many of us in the church when faced with dire situations, "Sorry, not my problem!" Of course this little girl IS our problem! "Our," as in all Christians. We're the ones who the Father has commanded to "care for the widow and the orphan" (as it says in the book of James).

The world is not called to care for the fatherless...we are!

We cannot turn a blind eye, walk away, and forget about the atrocious catastrophe that happens to the most innocent of human beings. We simply cannot.

There are times when we are called to rally for the sake of another human being--one who will never be able to pay us back or give us a single thing in return. As John Wooden once said, "You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you."

Zoey IS our problem, Church! As the body of Christ, we are required to care for, to reach out to, to go to, to feed, to clothe, to give to...and to open our hearts to the 'least of these,' as the Bible calls them.

"Then the King will say to those on his right,
‘Enter, you who are blessed by my Father!
Take what’s coming to you in this kingdom.
It’s been ready for you since the world’s foundation.
And here’s why:
I was hungry and you fed me,
I was thirsty and you gave me a drink,
I was homeless and you gave me a room,
I was shivering and you gave me clothes."
~~ Matt 25:35-38 (The Message)

Please, I'm begging you all, if nothing else, would you please be a voice for Zoey today? Would you help us to spread the word on her desperate need for someone to CHOOSE her as their daughter? Time is short! Not even one single day can be wasted.

Zoey's health is critical and she needs OUT of there as soon as is humanly possible.

We are waiting for updated medical information and photos of Zoey. She lives in the same country as our Hasya and Kael. I will share any updates as soon as I get them. For additional information, please contact

Pray, Church! Pray that this one too WILL BE SAVED!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


(Written by my friend Adeye @ nogreaterjoymom

this one too, Lord!
It was the last day of visits with our sweet daughters in the orphanage. My new friend and fellow adoptive mom, Susan, and I choked back tears as we headed out the door one final time. We had spent seven glorious days with our daughters.

And then it was time to leave.

Having adopted children from different countries, I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty…

There is nothing like leaving your child behind in an orphanage!

There is nothing like knowing where you are leaving them—and walking OUT!

Because knowing changes everything!

As we drove out of the orphanage gates that Friday just a few weeks ago, we headed to a different orphanage on our way back to the capital city, Sofia. Our driver needed to get updated pictures and video of a little boy who had recently been listed for adoption.

We arrived at the institution, and both Susan and I knew that we just had to meet this little boy. Our driver agreed that we could come in with him.

We were greeted by many children as we entered the building that day.

Beautiful, precious, and amazing children all created by the Master Craftsman Himself.

Each one with many needs.

But mostly, the need for someone to come for them. The need to be loved. The need to be accepted for who they are—His beautiful creations--fearfully and wonderfully made just the way they are.

My heart was breaking before we even entered the front door.

We were ushered into a smaller room.

And within minutes...he came in.

The most darling little boy. I thought him to be maybe around eight years old. Later I found out that he is eleven.

His name is Zack.

Susan and I sat watching as our driver tried to interview Zack for a video for prospective parents. Neither of us understanding Bulgarian, we had no idea what he and the orphanage director were saying to the boy. He seemed to do okay for a few minutes and answered their questions politely.

Then, all of a sudden, tears started streaming down his little cheeks. He sobbed quietly—unable to get out a single word.

He was clearly heartbroken.

We both choked back tears—not wanting the little guy to see us all weepy. We did not know why in the world this sweet and tender little boy was so upset. It was very obvious though that he had such deep pain and that his heart was aching.

Sitting there and observing this dear little boy crying heart-wrenching sobs just about ripped my heart out! Everything in me wanted to rush over and hold him tightly—calming his anxious heart and assuring him that God had not forsaken him—that his Daddy in heaven knew what was tearing him apart.

Later that day, we heard Zack’s story….

And I knew instantly that I would go to the ends of the earth to help this little boy get the one thing in this life that he has never had, never known.

The one thing that made him cry until he literally could not stop!

I listened as my attorney shared Zack’s story with me.

It began with his best friend, Maria. They grew up in a very decent orphanage (as far as orphanages go) and spent the first eleven years bonding—being together. I am told that they are more than just best friends—but more like family. Until recently, the only family either of them had ever known. Zack and Maria shared a room (very normal for Eastern European orphanages) and spent every waking moment together—inseparable!

But everything was soon to change. Maria was blessed! Unbeknownst to her, she had been found, chosen by an amazing single mom who just knew that Maria was the daughter of her heart.

Maria was soon to know what it meant to be FAMILY.

I am so thankful that Katherine shared Maria and Zack’s story with me. She met Maria for the first time last December. The social worker at the orphanage informed Katherine that she would be meeting Maria’s best friend, telling her that they were extremely close. She got to know Zack pretty well during that first trip to his country.

Months passed and finally Katherine was able to return to Eastern Europe to complete the adoption process for Maria.

Here’s her account of that day—“Gotcha Day,” as it is known for adoptive parents.

My Gotcha Day was horrible, to say the least. We were asked to be at the orphanage by 11 am so that one staff member could say goodbye to Maria. I got there and did ask about Zack's availability to be adopted. I wanted to help him find his mom. I was told that Zack was being moved that very same day to a new orphanage. These days I understand why he had to be moved and I understand why it was easier to do it all at once....sort of rip the band aid off.

My heart still weeps for the memory of that day.

You see, the orphanage that Maria and Zack were at was for children birth through seven years. The orphanage had kept both Maria and Zack until they were 11 1/2, because they knew that the kids were special that they needed the additional care. So, on my pick up date I was looking through the photo album I was given of Maria by the orphanage. The director came in and told me I needed to be strong because the kids (Maria and Zack) were not handling the separation well. I quickly gathered my things and went to the lobby.

I saw Zack first. He was in his chair wailing (it wasn't just crying). I walked over to him and gave him the gift I had bought specially for him and tried to tell him that it would all be okay, that Maria would be taken care of. The whole time Maria was wailing over by the stairs while another adult spoke with her. Zack quickly rolled himself back to Maria. These two were hugging and kissing each other....truly like siblings.....weeping and crying the whole time.

Finally a staff member rolled Zack outside in his wheelchair. Maria quickly followed. She no sooner got one step outside and was quickly scooped up by the director and taken to our car. It was only made more difficult by the fact that the two cars for the kids were facing each other. So, they could see each other the whole time we were getting everything into the cars and they never stopped crying. Sasha and the orphanage's social worker were with Zack and took him to his new orphanage. Maria cried so much as we left and throughout the day for her friend."

Oh my goodness! I cannot even imagine being eleven years old and having to lose the one person in the world you love…and who loves you back!

AND be moved that very same day to an unfamiliar new home.


And so, on the same day that Maria was adopted, Zack was transferred from his place of safety to an institutional-type facility for children and adults with special needs.

And there he has struggled to adjust to his new normal.



Katherine returned to the U.S with her new daughter and has done everything she possibly could to keep a promise she made Maria.

To find a family to adopt Zack!

Thankfully, with the help of the attorney we are using to adopt our children, God has moved mountains and Zack is finally listed for adoption.

He has HOPE!

I have thought back to that day a few weeks ago when Susan and I fought back tears as we watched Zack weeping while sitting in his wheelchair.

And I thank God that I didn’t know at that very moment…

That he was crying inconsolably simply because the absolute desire of his heart is to have a family of his own too. And to come to America where he can, once again, have contact with the girl who is like a sister to him.

I just don’t think I would have been strong enough to hold it together.

And so today I come to you all, the amazing readers of my blog, pleading for your help. I KNOW there is a family out there for Zack. What a sweet blessing he would be to a family—he truly is just the most gentle, loving little boy. Zack has CP (which only seems to affect his lower limbs) and scoliosis. He is going GREAT mentally and I’m told that he is on target developmentally. His only “issue” is that he cannot walk. I have, however, seen a picture of him standing up while holding onto a chair. With good medical treatment, there is no telling how far Zack will go.

Would you share his story wherever you possibly can? I would appreciate that so much. Zack has about six weeks left to find a family! That’s it!

Thank you for sharing Zack's story! Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus to this little lovie who wants nothing more in this life than to belong—to love and be loved.

"Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us."
~Ephesians 3:20

Anyone wanting more information about adopting Zack can contact Shelley at

Donations to Zack's adoption fund can be made here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Newest Blessing

Isn't he just absolutely beautiful?

Carter Cole we love you to the moon and back!

Big sister getting to know her little brother.

Absolutely precious.

Mor~Mor loves you both for always.

So thankful and so blessed. Thank you Jesus for grandchildren.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

James 1:27

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

July 2011 brought a change to our family.  A new  member joined our family.  It wasn't the cute, cuddly toddler I've been praying and hoping for.  God blessed us in another way.

 Over the years I have been asking God to break my heart for the things that break His.  And he did, he broke my heart for the orphan.  How my heart aches for all the little peeps, all 167 million around the world who go to bed each night without a mama or daddy to tuck them in, no mama or daddy to say their prayers with, no mama or daddy to kiss them good night. 

 Our family of two here on the farm, became a family of three.   It wasn't the cuddly little toddler I had always envisioned that would join our family.  Our newest member came in the form of an 87 year old lonely widow that lives on the neighboring farm. 

I don't know how it happened, how it came about, but Miss Marge invited me to join her in town for her weekly hair appointment and grocery shopping.  I gladly accepted her offer.  When the appointed day came, I drove over to her house and she was ready and waiting.  She asked me if I would drive her car because she wanted it to be driven.  She had come to a point in her life where she would only drive into town for her weekly hair appointment and groceries.  She looked forward to that one day each week.  It was her special day.  Her only day she would get away from the house.  Sometimes the only day of the week where she actually talked to another human being.

On our first trip into town, it was hotter than hades and humid as can be.  And, her car broke down on a country road on our way into town out in the middle of nowhere, with no shade to be found.  Thankfully, two angels in the form of truck drivers came to our rescue.  They helped us get the car started, and followed us to a gas station where they put water in the radiator and made sure we'd be able to get home. 

I don't know what Miss Marge would have done if she made that trip into town all by herself.  She gets confused easily, she doesn't remember things, she get nervous and upset very easily.  I am thankful God placed me where I needed to be to help her.

That was not the first time her car broke down on us, it happened again a couple of weeks later.  You see, her invitation for me to join her on her weekly errands turned into a weekly girls day out for the two of us.  And, I looked forward to our day on the town. 

Miss Marge has led a very interesting life over her almost 88 years, and she loves the Lord!  It saddened me to learn she has not heard from her daughter in many years and her son, who lives only a half hour away, could go days before calling and checking on her.  We were without phone service for a week due to the utility company working on the lines in our area, and not once during that week did he come out to her place to check on her!

One Saturday I needed to run errands in town and asked Miss Marge if she'd like to tag along and she was more than happy to get out of the house.  Apparently, her son had called shortly after we left that morning and did not get an answer.  He continued calling throughout the day with the same result becuase she was not home.  Finally, about 5 p.m. he showed up at her house to check on her.  Really?!  After calling her house for 8 hours, you finally show up?!  What if she had fallen and couldn't get up or get to the phone to call for help?  She could have lain there for 8 hours.  I don't understand that.  If it was my 87 year old mama not answering the phone, I surely would not have wait ALL.DAY.LONG. before going to check on her.

Miss Marge should not be living alone.  She's just too old and frail.  She needs someone to look after her, making sure she eats three meals a day.  She thinks reeses peantut butter cups and a good form of protein for her!  She has a terrible sweet tooth :). 

At Christmas her son picked her up and took her home to his house to spend the holiday with he and his wife.  A week later his wife called to let me know Miss Marge had decided to move in with them.  I was so happy for my girlfriend, this is where she needs to be, with family looking after her.  She made it 13 days before she wanted to come.  She missed her home, living in the country, she missed watching the sunset on her farm.  It was good to have my girlfriend back, but I knew it was not the best thing for Miss Marge.  She was only supposed to be home for a couple of days, she insisted she needed to get some paperwork done. 

She ended up being home for two months.  Two weeks ago her son came and picked her up again.  He called to tell me this time should be for good.  So far, she's made it 18 days!  Hopefully, she'll settle in and enjoy her golden years living with her son, having someone make sure she eats regularly, bathes regularly. 

I am so thankful God gave us our widow. I enjoyed my time with MIss Marge, Driving Miss Daisy as I referred to our adventures out and about town!  I know she enjoyed the company and I am so glad we were able to look after her and spend time with her, even if it was only for six short months.

I miss my girlfriend and our girls day out each week, I am so thankful God blessed me in this way.

Resting in Jesus,

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Isn't He Amazing?

Jesus...Isn't He amazing?  He always knows what I need, even before I do!  Today He came thru yet again with leading me to a scripture that I needed so badly today.  It is from Deut 23:5.  It was exactly what I needed.

He turned the intended curse into a blessing because the Lord your God loves you.

Keeping my eyes on Jesus while I wait for the blessing,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is It you? Are You Arnold's Family?

Is it you?  Is this precious little guy yours?

One adorable little boy on this list of children in desperate need of being rescued touched her heart so deeply. A little guy who is about to be transferred to a mental asylum. Time in the baby house is rapidly running out for him, and any day now he too will end up like this! She knew that she needed to do what she was able to do to ensure that Arnold does NOT become another statistic of a child who declines so rapidly once transferred.

Arnold urgently needs to be rescued!

This sweet reader has very generously donated $15,000.00 to Arnold's adoption! Right now his grant fund is at $15,721.90. That is a HUGE grant.

Now Arnold just needs a family--someone to step forward in faith and save him from what you all now know is the awful reality of the child who gets transferred.


Please help us spread the word about Arnold's new grant in the hope that we can find his family really soon...before it is too late!

Yes, we CAN make a child at a time.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Operation Rescue

There is such need in this world.  So many children needing parents, needing a mommy or daddy who will rescue them from the life of growing up alone, unloved, unwanted in an orphanage or insane asylum.  These precious little peeps are just a few of the millions that are out there.

What can you and I do to make a difference?  Perhaps you can I can adopt a child.  Bring an orphan into your home and family and love them, so they'll never be along again.  If that isn't possilbe, we can click on one of these precious little ones and donate money to their adoption fund.  Every little bit helps, every single dollar brings them closer to coming home to their forever family.

Will you join me in making a difference in a child's life?

8. Arnold- Transfer Scheduled

9. Stacy - Transferred

10. Spencer - Transferred

11. He 11 yrs old & the size of a toddler

12. Melissa - already transferred


14. Konstantin - Transferred

15. Nathan


17. Kyle - Transferred

18. Andrue - Transferred

19. Adam - Transferred

20. Sheridan - Transferred

21. Maxim - Transferred

22. Ruslan - Transferred

23. Nicholas - Transferred, please help him!

24. Heath - Transferred

25. Simon

26. Bernadette- She NEEDS a family by November!

27. Kennedy - Transferred

28. Ekaterina-Just a shell : (

29. Georgia - Transferred

30. Eliza

31. Presley - Leukemia

32. Raymond- Significant Risk

33. Daniel- Transferred

34. Bobby - Transferred

35. Evan- Transferred and Medically Fragile

36. Kiril- Transferred

37. Alex- Transferred

38. Maxim- Transferred 10 years ago!

39. Lauren- Transferred

40. Natalia- Transferred

41. Glenn- Transferred

42. Leo- Transferred

43. Alisha- Transferred

44. Colin- Transferred

45. Kiersten- Transferred

46. Justine- Transferred

47. Victoria- Transferred

48. Nolan- Transferred

49. Masha (from ABC News Story)-TRANSFERRED!

50. Laurel, aging out in August!!

51. Owen needs our help!!

52. Alexander- he has a brain tumor (treatable!)

53. Sheldon- Medically fragile, possible transfer

54. Gabrielle- Medically fragile, transferred?

55. Olive- Transferred

56. Oksana - Maybe transferred? : (

57. Anders, soon to be transferred

58. HIV stage 3, without immunosuppression

59. Alicia- transferred

60. Significant Risk, Adopt Me SOON!

61. Kolya- age 11, transferred

62. Shaun:

63. This is Pryce. I think he is AWESOME!

64. Transferred And Blind

65. Meredith. Mild CP and Down syndrome

66. Elijah- pulled back to orphanage

67. Kate is aging out in China.

68. Anastasia - most likely already transferred

69. Corrie - Without hope for a family?

70. Ivan N. in additional children

71. Dylan- Transferred and Tiny

72. Emmitt: institutionalized, fragile, aging out

73. Suspected transfer. Save him, please!

74. Preston- Likely already transferred

75. Hanson- Transferred

76. Butterfly baby needs a family!

77. Vasilina-Canadians Only- Turning 7 this year!

78. Agatha-Canadians Only- Huge Ransom

79. Anna D. - living in heartbreaking conditions

80. Elena - 7 years old

81. Oliver - ages out in June

82. Iryna- HIV+ and CP- transferred

83. Lilly - close to transfer, in terrible shape

84. Alexander (girl) 10 years old, skin and bones

85. Jared(26)

86. Brett(26) Almost 5 : (

87. Transferred! Alexander has an $11, 000 grant!

88. Mabel

89. Naomi in China ages out in July!

90. Sweet Justina needs a family urgently CHD

91. ASD, VSD, and partial intestinal obstruction

92. He is completely blind, darkness, loneliness

93. Sasha (6 years old) in URGENT need

94. Margaret- Medically Fragile

95. He needs medical care not available there

96. Valya will age out of the orphanage this year

97. Natasha ages out this year!!!!

98. Tyler deserves a family!

99. Sergei 9ha: likely transferred. $8400 grant.

100. Institutionalized

101. Jason - Transferred to remote institution

102. Silas - Transferred - Giveaway going on now!

103. Alix - Smart and a leader -Give him a chance!

104. Carissa - Singing girl to skeleton -Save her!

105. Yasmine - Please help - Transfer Imminent!

106. Ages out THIS month (feb) Vladik

107. Stella - HIV+ Transferring this year

108. Daria- transferred

109. Ivan needs surgery soon!

110. Lawrence-Transferred

111. Malcolm - only has until April!