Tuesday, April 3, 2012

James 1:27

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

July 2011 brought a change to our family.  A new  member joined our family.  It wasn't the cute, cuddly toddler I've been praying and hoping for.  God blessed us in another way.

 Over the years I have been asking God to break my heart for the things that break His.  And he did, he broke my heart for the orphan.  How my heart aches for all the little peeps, all 167 million around the world who go to bed each night without a mama or daddy to tuck them in, no mama or daddy to say their prayers with, no mama or daddy to kiss them good night. 

 Our family of two here on the farm, became a family of three.   It wasn't the cuddly little toddler I had always envisioned that would join our family.  Our newest member came in the form of an 87 year old lonely widow that lives on the neighboring farm. 

I don't know how it happened, how it came about, but Miss Marge invited me to join her in town for her weekly hair appointment and grocery shopping.  I gladly accepted her offer.  When the appointed day came, I drove over to her house and she was ready and waiting.  She asked me if I would drive her car because she wanted it to be driven.  She had come to a point in her life where she would only drive into town for her weekly hair appointment and groceries.  She looked forward to that one day each week.  It was her special day.  Her only day she would get away from the house.  Sometimes the only day of the week where she actually talked to another human being.

On our first trip into town, it was hotter than hades and humid as can be.  And, her car broke down on a country road on our way into town out in the middle of nowhere, with no shade to be found.  Thankfully, two angels in the form of truck drivers came to our rescue.  They helped us get the car started, and followed us to a gas station where they put water in the radiator and made sure we'd be able to get home. 

I don't know what Miss Marge would have done if she made that trip into town all by herself.  She gets confused easily, she doesn't remember things, she get nervous and upset very easily.  I am thankful God placed me where I needed to be to help her.

That was not the first time her car broke down on us, it happened again a couple of weeks later.  You see, her invitation for me to join her on her weekly errands turned into a weekly girls day out for the two of us.  And, I looked forward to our day on the town. 

Miss Marge has led a very interesting life over her almost 88 years, and she loves the Lord!  It saddened me to learn she has not heard from her daughter in many years and her son, who lives only a half hour away, could go days before calling and checking on her.  We were without phone service for a week due to the utility company working on the lines in our area, and not once during that week did he come out to her place to check on her!

One Saturday I needed to run errands in town and asked Miss Marge if she'd like to tag along and she was more than happy to get out of the house.  Apparently, her son had called shortly after we left that morning and did not get an answer.  He continued calling throughout the day with the same result becuase she was not home.  Finally, about 5 p.m. he showed up at her house to check on her.  Really?!  After calling her house for 8 hours, you finally show up?!  What if she had fallen and couldn't get up or get to the phone to call for help?  She could have lain there for 8 hours.  I don't understand that.  If it was my 87 year old mama not answering the phone, I surely would not have wait ALL.DAY.LONG. before going to check on her.

Miss Marge should not be living alone.  She's just too old and frail.  She needs someone to look after her, making sure she eats three meals a day.  She thinks reeses peantut butter cups and a good form of protein for her!  She has a terrible sweet tooth :). 

At Christmas her son picked her up and took her home to his house to spend the holiday with he and his wife.  A week later his wife called to let me know Miss Marge had decided to move in with them.  I was so happy for my girlfriend, this is where she needs to be, with family looking after her.  She made it 13 days before she wanted to come.  She missed her home, living in the country, she missed watching the sunset on her farm.  It was good to have my girlfriend back, but I knew it was not the best thing for Miss Marge.  She was only supposed to be home for a couple of days, she insisted she needed to get some paperwork done. 

She ended up being home for two months.  Two weeks ago her son came and picked her up again.  He called to tell me this time should be for good.  So far, she's made it 18 days!  Hopefully, she'll settle in and enjoy her golden years living with her son, having someone make sure she eats regularly, bathes regularly. 

I am so thankful God gave us our widow. I enjoyed my time with MIss Marge, Driving Miss Daisy as I referred to our adventures out and about town!  I know she enjoyed the company and I am so glad we were able to look after her and spend time with her, even if it was only for six short months.

I miss my girlfriend and our girls day out each week, I am so thankful God blessed me in this way.

Resting in Jesus,

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