Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ringing In The New Year

I'm ringing in the New Year with two very special people, two of my most favorite people in the world, they mean the world to me...

 My little Cowboy
and my Honey~Girl.
We've just had dinner and are now getting comfy in our jammies and are going to pop in a Disn@y movie.  What better way to spend New Year's Eve?
2013 was a hard year.  February 2013 found us fighting for daddy's life.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer.  The prognosis didn't sound so bad.  Heck if you had to have cancer the prognosis of living a fairly normal life with a fairly normal life span due to the slow growing cancer didn't sound all that bad.  Unfortunately, that "normal life span" lasted a total of three weeks.  Yes, three weeks after presenting to the oncologist Daddy was dancing with Jesus.
It was a fierce three weeks. I've never been prouder of my Daddy. Daddy always taught us to never, ever give up.  Always do our best, that is all that mattered.  Giving it your all.  A winner NEVER quits and a quitter NEVER wins.  Daddy lived this advice he gave his children and grandchildren to his very last breath.
There is something else Daddy taught us all, which he lived to his very last breath...Over and over as different doctors came to talk to Daddy in his hospital room, giving him the grim prognosis of there was nothing more they could for him, it was all in the hands of "the Man upstairs" my Fighter~Man superhero of a Daddy looked each and every one of those medical professionals in the eye and professed "I HAVE A GREAT BIG GOD AND I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES."
 Daddy spent the last 11 days of his life in the hospital.  One of those days he went thru three very aggressive rounds of chemo therapy to try to arrest the spread of the cancer.  Daddy came thru the treatment that day like a heavy weight champion of the world...it didn't even phase him.  His faith and attitude were incredible till his very last breath.
Daddy went from my arms to Jesus' arms on February 18, 2013.  I feel so privileged to have been able to hold Daddy in my arms until he walked thru the gates of heaven.
There is something else Daddy taught us all, it was his mantra so to speak and it goes like this
Not only did we lose Big Daddy in February 2013, September 2013 was just as devastating to us as a family.  Our little grandson, Liam Thomas, was due to be born November 23, 2013.  Liam arrived September 18, 2013.  Our little man survived almost two hours before leaving us to dance with Jesus.
Why?  Why?  Why?
We may never know the answer to that question.  We do know our hearts are heavy as we head into 2014.  Christmas was hard without Liam and Daddy.  It was hard to be jolly and get into the spirit of the season with so much pain in our hearts.
I am so thankful for Jesus.  Knowing Daddy and Liam celebrated Jesus' birthday with Him, the King of Kings, helped to ease my pain.
How I miss my two special guys.  But if they had to be someplace other than here on earth with me, what better place to be than walking the streets of gold, praising and rejoicing with Jesus himself?
May 2014 be filled with family, love, peace, joy, and Jesus.
Love you no matter what,

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Jesus From Sunny So. California!!!

Twas the day before Christmas as I travelled cross country from the Deep South of Tennessee to Southern California to be with my lovies.  It was a long day of travel, with being delayed leaving Nashville, arriving in LA later than planned and getting home to my lovies late Christmas eve night, leaving my sick husband home on the farm because he was feeling to miserable with a severe sinus infection to travel...

Bright an early at 0630  was awaken with "Mor~Mor wake up, Santa came last night!"  So blessed to be able to be home for Christmas with my kids, sad Papa was not able to make the trip, but we facetimed with him this morning so he could join the fun.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours, and more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

  My little Cowboy loves trucks!
 Big girl bike

 Two of my most favorite guys
 How I love my Honey~Girl
My favorite little Cowboy

So  very blessed to be home with my lovies for two weeks. 

Enjoying every.single.second. of being with my kids.


Thursday, November 28, 2013


We are truly blessed to have our grandbabies here on the farm with us this Thanksgiving.  They have been with us since Sunday night and this is their last full day with us.  They'll be flying back to California tomorrow afternoon.  I am so thankful to my son and daughter~in~love for allowing us this time with them.  It is so hard to live on the other side of the country from them.

From Freedom Hollow Farm, Williamsport, TN, HAPPY BLESSED THANKSGIVING.

Blessings to all who stop by,

Monday, June 10, 2013




Mattie is in the hospital, very very sick.  You can read more about his situation at his family's blog.  Please storm the gates of heaven for this little lovie.

Resting In Jesus,

Monday, May 6, 2013


from nogreaterjoymom.blogspot.com

URGENT: this IS caring for the orphan!

Update 4 pm CST: When I posted this morning, Morning Star Foundation needed $17,000 in order to remain in China and care for the precious little children in their care. The glorious Church rose up in a mighty way today and right now only $4,000 needs to be raised! Over $13,000 has been raised so far in just a few hours! Seriously! God's people...you astound me with your generosity and extravagant love poured out. THANK YOU for sowing such precious seed which has been multiplied by our Father! How He ADORES the orphan!

Please keep sharing...we are so, so close to seeing Morning Star ministry continue on with the vision God gave them to care for the most weak and the abandoned in China! No weapon formed against them shall prosper, in the name of Jesus!


This morning I opened my e-mail and read a plea which ripped my heart out!

For the last few years we have followed the journey of the most amazing American missionary couple (and their two children) as they have loved and passionately served the children of China. Their faithfulness in the face of so many obstacles has inspired us beyond words. Bill and Lynsay know what it means to follow God with reckless abandon...and never, ever give up.

It was such a joy to finally meet Bill at Summit last week. He touched our hearts so deeply with his love for orphans, his willingness to go where God sends them, and the sacrificial life they live. These precious people live on the absolute bare essentials (we were shocked to find out just how little they survive on!).

The MORNING STAR FOUNDATION has cared for the least of the least of these in China for many years. And now they are serving the people of Uganda too! It's sacrificial love poured out for the sake of saving one child at a time!

Today, this incredible ministry and the children who have profound medical needs whom they serve in China desperately need a helping hand from the body of Christ! In order to continue providing life-saving medical treatment, food, shelter and a place to belong for these children, the Chinese government is requiring a large sum of money to keep their operation running. And they need the money today!

Would you prayerfully consider sowing seed into this ministry, please? Bill and Lynsay take in the neediest orphans--the ones who will surely die if left in state-run orphanages. They are so committed to these precious ones and love every child who enters their home as one of their very own. Knowing them and their humble hearts, I know that having to ask for help is very, very difficult. But that's what the army of God does, isn't it? We give and we help out when there is a need. This is just one way we care for the orphan in their distress! In this case, it's a lot of children!

I am so grateful for your help with this.

From Lynsay:

Rarely do we share our financial needs but we have run into an extremely urgent need. You probably know about Grace being in the hospital, this need is not about her! We are so thankful that her bill has been paid in full so far, more than $20,000 worth!

As you also probably know prices in China have skyrocketed recently making running MSFH extremely expensive these days, specifically with rent and salaries. This cannot be helped but does put a significant burden on us every month. This month has been tough but Praise God we have been able to pay salaries and bills.

The issue comes in that we had been told that we needed about $4,000 USD in capital for the business we are registering. In order for us to stay here and work we must register this business. Unfortunately today we were told they have rejected our application, even though we have already spent $4,000 in the registration process. They are now requiring nearly $17,000 to open the business.

We need this money TODAY.

I wish I was joking, but I am not.

The good news is this money will go into the capital fund of this business and will be able to be used for MSFH's expenses, specifically expenses related to the "LOVE PROJECT" as this is within the scope of the business registration. In many ways it will be a blessing to be able to have funds available when needed for the LOVE PROJECT once the business is approved.



Tax deductible donations can be made RIGHT HERE.

Every single dollar you donate will go directly to the MORNING STAR FOUNDATION!

Let's rally, friends! Calling upon the ONE who is exceedingly, abundantly able to do so much more than we could ever ask or imagine.

Show us your glory, Lord Jesus!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tenth Avenue North - Worn (with lyrics)

Oh how this song is ministering to my soul as I walk this journey....

Thank you Jesus for speaking to me thru this song.

Resting in Jesus,