Saturday, June 4, 2011


Saint Bonaventure
Class of 2011

Thank you Lord for this boy you blesse me with.  Be with him and hold him close as he starts this next season in is life.

Congratulations Son,
I love you forever
I love you for always


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's All Temporary

I could not have said it better than Amy from

"it's ALL temporary.
If you want security in something that will last forever I can tell you exactly where to get it. It comes with a life time guarantee and never changes. It's solid as a rock -and not a better quality can be found. It has been here since the beginning and will last through the end.

It's all right here, just waiting for you to come pick it up and get this~ it's FREE. :)

Thank you Lord for your word, because in the midst of all of the changes-we know what we have invested in you will last forever." Amy

Our security doesn't come from what the world has to offer ~ money in the bank - it can be gone in a minute, a house filled with stuff - it can be blown away in a heartbeat by a tornado, a garage filled with stuff, keeping up with the Jones' IT'S ALL TEMPORARY. 

In the end all that really matters is what God has to offer...peace, security, love, forgiveness, grace, everlasting life...

That's what I choose, what God has to offer not the world.

Lord, help me to keep my eyes only on You, to lean only on You, because  You alone are my rock and my comfort.

Resting in the Son,