Thursday, April 7, 2011



See this beautiful little boy?  He has a dream.  A dream that his mama and papa will find him and make him theirs forever.  Can you imagine being 8 years old and having that dream?  Wondering every single day if it will be your turn today.

Anthony and Adeye from are holding the DREAM COME TRUE GIVEAWAY.  It is incredible with over 100 items.  The body of Christ has once again come together for one of Jesus' least of these by donating the items for the giveaway, by praying for Vanya to find his family, by placing Vanya's story on their blogs and facebook pages...when two or more are gathered together in prayer, MOUNTAINS MOVE, MIRACLES HAPPEN, PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!! 

And, all it takes to enter this incredible giveaway is any size donation, no minimum, no maximum. 

There are six days left.  Six days to raise the funds needed to pay for Vanya's adoption fees.

Could you be Vanay's family?