Friday, January 21, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I was on a photo shoot and tragedy struck.


I use my camera almost daily. Love seeing the world thru my camera lens. She was my BFF, my trusted companion, and I rarely went anywhere without her. Until almost three weeks ago.

I've been cameraless for almost three weeks now. My first thought - after wanting to throw up and cry - was to go right out and purchase a new camera. My subject for the day, Little Miss, was oblivious to what had happened. She was just glad I didn't have the black box in her face any more. Later that day, after sharing with the hubs about the tragedy, I got an earful from the hubs about how it should have been in the case, how I always sling that thing around, yada yada yada. He was right, of course, but it didn't help how I felt at the time.

Once I was over the shock and awe of killing my Nikon, I started researching, comparing prices, reading reviews, etc. I had been using a Nikon Coolpix L100 and it took great pictures, was automatic point and shoot, and was very user friendly. A long standing dream of mine has been to upgrade to a DSLR with the ability to change lenses. I've always told myself someday I'll take it to the next level. But for time being, my faithful Nikon point and shoot worked just fine and I just couldn't justify spending the $$ to upgrade when my camera was perfectly fine.

Then tragedy struck due to my carelessness and I was in the situation of finding a replacement. Do I go with the same thing, try something new, different brand, take it to the next level now that I was in the position of having to replace my Nikon, buy what I could afford now and make due? So I prayed about it, talked to the hubs about it, and decided to not run out and replace it right away. I would wait until I had enough $$ stashed away to buy a DSLR.

The decision felt right. Yet I felt naked without my camera. I literally have been having withdrawals. Each time Little Miss does something absolutely adorable and I can't capture it on film, goodness what am I to do?

Keeping my eyes on the prize and being patient, calculating how long it will take me to save the $$ needed to purchase the camera. I researched, compared, and finally found the camera I would be purchasing, a Pentax K-X. Once the decision was made, I felt at peace with it. Now all I have to do was be patient and continue with my saving plan so I could pay cash for it. I was adamant that I would not go into debt buying it on credit.

Then something happened. The hubs made an announcement that he was blessing me with an early Valentine's gift...

Meet my newest BFF. Isn't she pretty?

She should arrive late next week!


Thank you Love, you rock my world!

Resting in the SON,