Monday, September 6, 2010

Celebrating and Rejoicing!

Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man's behalf! Psalm 66:5

Friday the Chief and I celebrated and rejoiced what God has done for us! We are giddy with the news that we have offiicially started our journey to our little guy. We went to one of our favoritest places for lunch, Ol*ve Garden, then to a matinee to see Toy Story 3. We are still rejoicing and look at each other with silly grins on our faces saying "we're pregnant!"

I walked into the kitchen and found the sweetest surprise, a place setting for our little guy. My hubby surprised me and had purchased a plate/cup/place mat/flatware for our little guy. He had it all set up on the dining room table. It made my heart giggle. To think, in the not so far future, there will actually be a little person using this stuff. He also picked up a couple of 4-wheeler ride on toys off of craigsl*st. They are sitting in little guy's bedroom, just waiting to be played with.

We desperately need to get going on our fundraising. We've started the coffee fundraiser and have a rummage sale planned for the last weekend of this month. I am so thankful for my sister and brother~in~love. They are our fundraising CEOs, they are actually the fundraising team. We are so blessed to have them on this journey with us. And in the next few days, I'll be posting about our first giveaway. Stay tuned, I promise it will be an exciting one!

The bloggy community amazes me. We have gotten more support and encouragement from people we've never met before than most of our family. Two bloggy friends have offered to help with some giveaways and I am excited to get started and so very thankful for their kindness to us.

It is so nice to have people to talk to and brainstorm with who "get it". You guys rock!

Resting in Jesus,

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  1. Yahoo! Welcome to the adventure. YOu guys are going to have so much fun getting all of his things ready. So excited to see what God has in store for you. Blessings!