Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weeping - Resting in Jesus Arms Now

"He had whispered it to me while we were driving home from Jjina {2 hours away} yesterday.

I had heard Him at least four times.

"She's safe in my arms now."

I hadn't wanted to believe Him.

Each time He had whispered those words I had felt like vomiting.


So today, I couldn't get there fast enough.....

As I stood there hearing the news....

The uncontrollable sobs and weeping came....

"No. No. No."

If only.

If only I had been holding her,

my sweetest

Elianah Treasure

{No one had given her a middle name but she needs one.

Treasure seems most fitting.}

Beautiful baby girl.

Tiny little treasure.

7 months old"  [Pastor Linny]

One less orphan now, little Elianah is now home in Jesus arms.

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