Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Mountain Has Moved!

For Every mountain that you face, this is what I want you to do. Speak to your mountian


That is what we are speaking to our mountain - finances for this adoption. Because we know there is no mountain big enough that our God cannot move.

I am rejoicing with bloggy friends James and Cheremi. I looked back in my prayer journal and the first entry I made about their struggle to bring Ezekiel and Kaysia home was March 15, 2o10. Their battle to bring their children home has raged for 15 months. IT IS FINISHED!! On September 14, 2010, the Judge granted their adoption of their precious kiddos, Ezekiel and Kaysia!!

It is so awesome to see my prayers answered - plain, ordinary little insignificant me. He answered my prayers! To think, I had a teeny, tiny, part in praying these two precious ones home to their forever family. It is so humbling for me. I stand in awe of my amazing Abba Father, that loves little me so much, that He takes the time to listen to the cries of my heart.

So many of us banded together for a day of fasting and praying for James and Cheremi. The Maker of Heaven and Earth, our awesome Almighty God, heard our prayers, saw our fasting for this situation, and HE MOVED THE MOUNTAIN!! You can read their story at the link below.


Say it with me people, cause it works. He hears our pleas and the cries of our hearts.


I continue to fast weekly and seek God as He guides us on our journey to our little guy. My sister's church - Element Church - is hosting our fundraising rummage sale that will take place Saturday, September 25. Element is my church home away from home. I spend a couple weekends a month visiting with my sister, and that is where I worship when I am visiting. They have embraced our journey and are standing in the gap praying us to our little guy. We are so thankful and appreciative to them. People we do not even know are calling and donating items for our sale. This church family is blessing us.

I am starting to get orders for the custom Family Values canvases that I make. I made one for my sister as a gift for her bridal shower and people that have seen it hanging in her home have started placing orders. I never thought my craft project would be a way to generate money for our adoption. I am blown away at how God is already starting to move our financial mountain.

I am meeting with a new massage client this evening, and it has the potential to be a weekly appointment. I've been praying for God to bless me with more massage clients.

The Chief listed the Harley on ebay. There have been alot of hits on the page and a handful of people watching the auction. A gentleman emailed him and let him know the 2011 model of the same bike is selling for $2k less than the 2010 MSRP. Hubby has adjusted the price and so far there are 4 bids on it. A bloggy friend suggested I lay hands on the Harley, and I have. I have a picture of it on my desk and each time I look at it, I pray for God to bring the right buyer to purchase it. God is so good, HE is causing our financial mountain to move!

We've had no donations on our cruise giveaway. I was starting to get a little anxious about that. My sister said, "Don't worry about it. It just may not be fundraiser that is going to grab people's interest. God has this all under control. Keep your eyes on Jesus, that is what is important." I just love her. We have a way of helping each other stay focused on what is really important.

Keeping my eyes on Jesus,

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