Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Checking In

Wow it has been a long time since I've posted.  In the past 4 weeks I have been extremely busy.  Hubby and I drove from California to Tennessee.  He's so good like that.  He flew to California so I would not have to drive cross country by myself.  We made a little vacation of it and spent two days in Williams AZ.  We ventured to the Grand Canyon.  I had never been, all I can say is WOW GOD IS JUST SO DARN AWESOME CREATING SOMETHING SO BEAUTIFUL AND MIND BOGGLING!  We also stopped in Tucumcari NM and Sallisaw OK before getting  home to our farm in Middle Tennessee.  

It is so good to be home.  It is so good to be settled.  I've been busy cleaning, organizing, weeding, mowing, etc.  In the process poison sumac found me.  I've been miserable for the past week.  I went to urgent care yesterday and the doc walked in, took one look at me and said, "You need a shot, then you need to get yourself down to the COOP and get yourself some weed killer."  Going to the COOP was not a priority for me, just feeling better is!

We traveled to Massachussetts last week to see family and take care of some things and I was miserable.  And, I looked horrible with oozing, pussing, yucky blisters all over my arms and legs.  Luckily on both flights to and from we sat in the Emergency Exit row on the planes, that way no one had to sit next to me. I sure wouldn't have wanted to sit next to me all oozing and pussing.  Today I am starting to feel better and have not seen any new break outs.  Thank  you Jesus, I'm on the mend!

I won't bother to gross you out with pictures!


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