Sunday, March 20, 2011

Commanded To Help


Yes, we are.  All of us.   The Word of God commands us to care for the orphans and widows.  Time and again throughout the bible it commands us to care of the orphans and widows.  That can look different for each of us.  Some of us adopt, others become foster parents, still others are mighty prayer warriors that pray little ones home to their forever families, and others help financially. 


One thing for sure is we can all pray for these little ones who so desperately need mamas and papas to love them.  Who need forever families, who need to hear how much God loves them.

The enemy HATES adoption! Every family enters into an intense spiritual battle when they try to adopt a child. The enemy WILL throw his fiery darts their way. He will try everything possible to get the adoption to fail. It is a fact!

Adoption is not just about bringing a child into the loving arms of parents--it's about snatching a child out of darkness and bringing them into HIS glorious light.

But it's a battle from Day One.

Last week one precious family traveled to a land far away to adopt their sweet little boy. They went to court. After five hours of being questioned by the judge, the answer was NO! They were denied. They were told that they could not adopt sweet K. "Sure--go ahead and adopt a 'healthy' child. But children with Down syndrome are better off in an institution."

So sad.

The little lovie was denied the RIGHT to have a family.

This little guy is being denied a family, a family who has flown clear across the world to bring their son home and have been denied by the judge simply because he has down syndrome.  They are appealing.  Please people, pray for the judge's heart to be changed.  Otherwise, Baby K will live the rest of his Life in an insane asylum.

The Higbie's are working hard to bring their precious Lera home - They need to be fully funded by the end of March to be able to adopt their daughter. 

Isn't she the cutest little thing?  Can you help her come home to her forever family?

The Silva family are working hard to bring their little Noah home - He is in Eastern Europe. They are trying to get to him as soon as possible and still need a lot of the money. Noah is in an orphanage which is known to not take good care of its children. They have a fabulous giveaway happening--an awesome Nikon camera (with case and lenses) up for grabs. Please prayerfully consider helping them. I know they would be so thankful.

Isn't he the sweetest little guy?  Can you imagine, he's living in an orphanage and if he isn't adopted will be sent to an insane asylum.  He needs his mommy and daddy.  He needs to come home to his forever family.

Jon and Angie have been matched with a baby who has many special needs and will be born soon in the U.S. They are currently giving away an iPad and a whole lot of other awesome prizes. Please consider helping them out. They need to come up with $10,000 in a huge hurry to make this adoption possible. Sadly, not many people have contributed to their adoption yet. Please can we change that?

There are so many ways to to help the orphan.  You can stop by these families blogs, leave them a comment, give them a shout out on  your blog or face book, donate to their adoptions.  You would be surprised how a child's life can be saved by donating just a few dollars.  It all adds up.  And it is so desperately needed to bring these little lives home to their loving families, to medical care they desperately need, to have the opportunity to hear about Jesus. 

We can all pray them home.  That doesn't cost us anything, just time on our knees storming the gates of heaven for these precious lives.  And most importantly...


Searching my heart,

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  1. This is such a heart wrenching and challenging post. I have said it before but your commitment to the "least of these" is very inspiring. You have set a wonderful example for all of us to love as the Lord would.