Thursday, February 24, 2011

Angel Flight - Bringing A Hero Home

This brings tears to my eyes.  Being married to a career mility man now retired this video brings me to tears.  Because it is too  real for me.  My guy could have come home on an Angel Flight.  Thankfully and by the grace of God he didn't.  But too many have and my heart breaks for their families.

The men and women of our armed forces are true heroes...and so are their families that are left at home.  When a soldier goes to war the family goes to war.


If you see a soldier at the airport, grocery store, around town, stop and say thank you.  It's because of them that we live in the land of the free...


Resting in the SON,

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  1. Wonderful post. Thank you for the reminder. We always make an effort to stop and say thanks...and want our kids to do the same someday.