Wednesday, December 15, 2010


God is love - God is perfectly perfect - so how can God be colorblind?

The following was written by Tracie over at What an awesome rant from this mama's heart.

"On to the phrase that set me off on this little rant to begin with…though I have used it in times past, just as other well-meaning folks will likely continue to do: ”True love is colorblind.”

True love is NOT colorblind! The Bible teaches me that God is love. God? colorblind?? I don’t think so! God created us to be diverse, colorful, beautiful! He sees our colors and diversity and celebrates it! I’m thinking certainly a better phrase to spread would be, “True love celebrates color,” because that is the TRUTH!

Not for one second would I want to be colorblind! Who would, either literally speaking or metaphorically? Aren’t colors beautiful? Aren’t they what give life visual pizazz and spice? Imagine your wardrobe or your home devoid of color! I want to see those things in full color! I want to see and love people in full color!

So, let it be declared by me right here and right now: MY LOVE IS NOT COLORBLIND! I see color! I celebrate it! I LOVE IT!

As a matter of fact, I just want to openly say, “Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be part of a colorful family! Thank you for helping me to celebrate the rainbow of skin tones and hues that you so lovingly and beautifully created! Help those out there that are afraid of our differences and blinded by the lies of fear and hatred to see and love in full color!”"

Resting in the SON,


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  1. Oh I LOVE that so much!

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend.