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This post was written by Pastor Dwight, you can read the original and see the photos at He's asking our husbands, all men, to step up to the plate and enter the battle with him.
You Go Dwight!! Rock On For The Orphan!!
Calling All Men - It's Time for War

I want to put a call out to men everywhere.

A call to respond! A call to step up! A call to action! A call to war! Where are we anyway? Where have we been? What have we been doing?

Why are we standing on the sidelines watching the game when we know that we are created to be fierce competitors?

Where have we been when it comes to the orphan? Take a look at most of the blogs, most of the non-profits, most of the strategies, most of those leading the battle on behalf of the orphan. You will discover woman after woman with a passion for these forgotten children.

This is a war for the health and soul of the orphan!

Yet where are the men? This the first war in the history of the world where the men are standing on the sidelines cheering… “you go girl… if that’s what you feel…. you go!”

We’ve become cheerleaders on the sidelines instead of warriors in the battle.

There are exceptions, of course, but for the vast majority of men – we have remained mostly behind the scenes.

But when my perspective changes, I change.

A woman, like Linny, has a mother’s heart that just will not quit. She will do whatever she can from a mother’s heart for these children. It’s just in her nature – the nurturer!

Now men, we aren’t by nature nurturers. We are protectors. We are warriors at heart. We protect those we love without hesitation. If it means laying down our lives we will do so without hesitation.

So here is the perspective change we need regarding the orphan. Men, the battle for the orphan is about providing protection from the enemy’s plans for their lives (starvation, abuse, no love, despair, hopelessness, and alone with no family) and introducing them to Jesus’ plan for their lives (food, clothed, protected, hope, nurtured, relationship with Christ, loved, and a forever family).

We need to be a “Father Warrior” for these children without moms, dads and families. We must become the voice, the protector, and the provider for these children.

Our battle cry must be: “Not On Our Watch!”
Will you pray with me?
Will you obey with me?
Will you be a warrior on the orphan’s behalf with me?
I am in this war for these children. Their lives are at stake, their souls hang in the balance. Men, let’s take off the gloves. The orphans around the world need our help, our protection, our sacrifice.

Ask God what that looks like for you. But in any event – get in the game – take off the cheerleading skirt – put down the pom poms.....and let’s go to battle for the orphans of the world.

You know God has put something of a fire in your heart for these kids. Let’s link up, let’s do battle, let’s go to war on their behalf!

We will win!

Semper Fi M

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