Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

What are you thankful for?

Very thought provoking question...As I mull this over I have come up with a very large list. Most items are taken for granted. Most items are no brainers. Most items seem like a right.
  1. A closet full of clothes to chose from daily
  2. A refrigerator full of food
  3. More than one pair of shoes
  4. A roof over my head
  5. A home to live in that is snug and warm
  6. Clean water to drink any time I am thirsty
  7. A vehicle to drive
  8. A job
  9. Health insurance
  10. Healthy kids
  11. The ability to worship
  12. Family
  13. Friends
  14. Money in my pocket
  15. Most importantly, a heavenly Father that loves me so much HE made me HIS through the miracle of adoption

This list goes on and on and on. I am truly blessed. I am rich. I have so much. But there are so many that have nothing. No hope. Not enough food. No clean water. No change of clothes. No shoes to wear. No mama to love on them. No daddy to toss the high in the air. No family to cherish them.

It isn't fair. It stinks. It breaks my heart.

A while back I started praying, "Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours." And HE did, big time. It is for the orphan, for the least of these, for these little peeps that are living in orphanages all over the world with no families to love them. And it is painful, extremely painful.

What can be done to ease the pain? It seems so unsurmountable. The need so great. 147 million that need someone to love them. To hold them close. To tell them it is going to be alright now, they are safe, they are loved, they are precious, they are cherished...

What's the answer? How do we make a difference? Right now I'm tring to make a difference by helping fundraising families when ever I can. $5, $10, $1, it all adds up. By itself it doesn't seem like much. But when God's children come together, pull their resources, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Each and every dollar. And most importantly, by praying for all these families running the race, stepping out in faith, trusting God and keeping their eyes on Jesus as they work hard to bring their little peeps home.

With a heavy heart for those less fortunate than I am ...

Resting in the SON,


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  1. Thanks for the be thankful, and to remember those who have so little!