Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today is Orphan Sunday ~ Please take a moment to pray for all the orphans - an estimated 147 million worldwide. That's a lot of kids with no mama or daddy, no home, no family, no hugs before bedtime, no one to kiss their owies when they hurt themselves, no one to tell them Jesus loves them.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine, your son or daughter that you love more than life itself, living in an orphanage somewhere, all alone with no mommy hugs and no mommy kisses. Cold in the winter, perhaps not enough food to eat on a daily basis, nothing to call their own. Not a change of clothes, not a baby doll to love on ...

Hard to imagine isn't it? Seems unreal to imagine your kid in that situation. Yet it is the reality of 147 million kids.

I've read that if only 2% of all believers would adopt an orphan, there wouldn't be an orphan crisis in the world. All may not be able to adopt, all my not be called, all may not want to bring a child into their home, but we all can pray. We can pray for these kids, we can pray for those families that are running the race, doing the paperchase, fundraising to be able to afford to bring a little one home to their forever family.

We as a body of Christ can help these families that are called, we can support their adoptions not only by praying, but by donating financially, purchasing items they are selling, leaving a comment on their blog with encouraging words.

Are you called? Has God placed the orphan on your heart but society is telling you you're too old? The world telling you it costs too much ~ heck it costs about the price of a new Chevy Silverado but when you purchase a new truck your friends give you a thumbs up. How do you put a price tag on a human life? How do you put a net worth on someone's life?

Adopting one child will not change the world, after all, what's just one kid out of 147 million right? But you know what? God knows that one kid, God knows every single hair on that kid's head. And HE loves that one little one. And HE tells us when you do for the least of these, you do for ME. It won't change the world, but the world will change for that one little human being who is all alone in this world.

Will you take a few minutes and spend time in prayer for these families and these precious little ones?

Resting in the SON,