Sunday, October 24, 2010

Forever Touched

I spent the weekend wiht my sis and brother~in~love. This weekend they provided respite care for two littles in the foster care system. They are 3 and 4 years old. They have been in care for 4 months, and have been in 3 different homes.


They are so precious, so cute, so sweet, so innocent. We had so much fun! We had lunch at Burg&r K*ng and and then played at the playground there for an hour. It was so good to hear them giggling, laughing, screaming with joy, running, jumping, climbing, sliding...just doing what littles are supposed to do. Having fun playing without a care in the world.

We also went to the neighborhood park later that afternoon and let them run their little legs off and play till their hearts content. It was heaven on earth to see the joy on their faces. We picked up a $5 baby doll at Wmart and that dolly got so much love, she went everywhere with us. She even ran around the playground and enjoyed the slides and everything else our little girl did. She was wrapped in a receiving blanket and was mothered and loved on.


They were picked up this afternoon and the little guy cried for the first time all weekend, he didn't want to leave. They've gotten dealt a rotten hand in life, it is just so unfair! How my heart hurts for them. For all the little ones that have been forgotten, that are sitting in orphanages with no mommy or daddy to wrap their arms around them and tell them they are loved, they are precious, they are wanted...

I can't stopped my tears from falling...

Resting in the SON,

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