Thursday, September 23, 2010

My FIrst Love

My first love was my daddy. He made everything right in my little world. I just love this picture of him and my grandbaby I took a couple of months ago. I never used to think my dad was a little man or old. Seeing him thru my adult 40 something eyes, I never realized how petite he was. Seeing him in a hospital gown really brought home that he is aging.

All the grandkids call him "Big Daddy" The very first grandchild started calling him that, and here we are 30 years later and everyone refers to him as Big Daddy.

Big Daddy is still in the hospital. He's insisting he is fine and wants to go home. The test results are saying otherwise. Apparently, there is either a small blockage or some damage to his heart. Tomorrow more tests will be run. He should be home sometime on Saturday.

Oh how I love this man. He's been there for me thru 45 years of ups and downs, happy and sad times, cross country moves, a horrible divorce, he held my hand and kept my spirits up while my husband served in Iraq. When I was playing softball in high school, he'd get home from work, and hurry to the ball field to catch the last couple innings of my games. I know he's only a phone call away.

He's my hero.

He's my daddy.

And I love him.

Resting in Jesus,

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  1. First of all - what a BEAUTIFUL grandbaby! And - Ill be praying for your dad. My mother has worked as a FA nurse in heart surgery my whole life. And if this is a comfort, the technology they have now to fix even the most complex issues and make them easy is mind boggling.