Thursday, August 26, 2010

We're Going To The Chapel...

And she's gonna get married!!

Two more sleeps and my sister will become Mrs. Ronnie Baker! Twenty-three years ago my oldest, J~Boy, was ringer bearer in her and Jeff's wedding. On Saturday, his little girl will be one of the flower girls. At 16 months old, we're not real sure how she'll do. One thing we do know for sure is she'll be cute as a bug.

This evening Little Miss and I will make the 100 mile drive to sister's house so she can get acquainted with the other little flower girl and not be so overwhelmed at the 2 p.m. rehearsal tomorrow. Tomorrow evening all the girls will be staying at a hotel. We'll go to dinner and then hang out at the hotel enjoying our evening of just the girlies.

Come Saturday at 2 p.m., my sister will be starting a new season in her life.

Sister, I wish you lots of love, understanding, patience, contentment, happiness, and friendship in your marriage. Most importantly, always keep your eyes on Jesus first!

Resting in Jesus,


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