Thursday, August 19, 2010

Open My Eyes

Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see YOU
I want to see the world as You see it
I want to see where the hurting are
I want to see where I can make a difference.
I know I cannot change the world by bringing home one or two or three orphans, but the world will change for that one or those two or three.
Lead me where you need me to go Lord, and I'll do my best to follow you.
Break my heart Lord for the things that break yours.
Resting in Jesus,


  1. Hi Suzanne! I hope you get accepted quickly! I am so glad to say that we are nearing the end of our "paper pregnancy". Hopefully next week we will be able to send our dossier off. Thanks for your note!


  2. Just found your blog via Michelle's Life a Bit Sweeter. I am looking forward to following your journey! Welcome to the club! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping in on my blog ( and congrats on beginning the adoption process!

  4. Standing with you and trusting for GREAT NEWS really soon. I know the waiting is HARD.

    I know you'll follow Him no matter where He leads you.

  5. Returning the favor- Thanks for visiting my blog. yours is beautiful!

  6. Hi Suzanne.
    I have added your family to Ethiopian Adoption Blogs! I wish you all the best on your Ethiopian adoption journey!

  7. Hi Suzanne, just wanted to drop by YOUR blog and say hi....and congrats on beginning your adoption journey. What agency are you using? Looking forward to seeing how God leads your family.


  8. Thanks Suzanne for stopping by my blog!
    I'll enjoy following your's :)
    maybe your sweet granddaughter needs a POPPY DIP :)
    blessings, Sallee