Thursday, July 8, 2010



Back in 2008, U2's Bono spoke at a women's conference in California and gave a passionate plea for America not to put another man or woman on the moon, but to bring humanity back to earth.

He also said this:

"... As hard as it is at a rock show to ask fans to think about the value of a child's life, far, far away, or to ask Boardroom USA or political America for that matter - You do not have to explain to the women or America, to the mothers of America, the value of a child's life far, far away.

Women do "get it" when it comes to poverty in Africa, or sex trafficing in Russia. Women - be they mothers, daughters, sisters - just get that global poverty is not about the billions in peril. It is about the ONE. And when you focus on changing the life of one child, one at a time, then we can accomplish just about anything."
Amen Bono. You know my heart...and it aches for my little ONE.

I get it, and I am focused on the ONE...our next child, who will he be?
Resting in Jesus,

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